【PSA | 讲座】始于单音 6/30(周日)_伊夫·克莱因

Part2 三个角度的比较


The conception is divided into two parts, First a unique sound , continuous, then an equivalent time of silence, the sound part preparing the listener to transform the experience of silence into fullness.

克莱因对于对比的改编: 无声/有声 的彻底的对比

克莱因:单音充塞空间:单音= 空间

声音被抽掉 , 空间才显现

2.2 Camen 2

Shchedrin: Carmen Suite 对于《卡门》原曲的改编。

=> 把画拿掉,出现非物质空间;


However , in the world of our possibilitie s of conscious percepeiton...

John Cage 4:33 打破音乐表演传统中的观众预期,抛出概念;无声也是声音

Yves KleinL空间用单音来制造,用无声来表达,无关传统


Monotony is the conceptual and sonic equivalence of pictorial monochromy

  1. 单音= 空间