Project Information Studies 272 - Human Computer Interaction (Graduate Class) ****

Tasks UX Research, Experience Mapping, Low fidelity mockups.

Date March 2019



In my IS 272 Class, the final project was to design around ethical surveillance. A term that sounds like an oxymoron but an idea that is shaping what the future of UX is. Shoshanna Zuboff's writing on Surveillance Capitalism and the pervasive nature of large tech companies informed a lot of the design process. In this class, we learned about the progression of HCI, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave and read papers from PARC to current medium posts.


In this class, we had 3 workshopping periods where I worked in a team to create a design solution. The first workshop we created a persona, to center our ideas of data and what surveillance meant. In the second workshop, we redesigned current pages that UCLA students visit often to make them more sensible and informational to users. In the third workshop, we applied our knowledge from the previous workshops and classroom discussions to design a possible solution for our persona.


Hermes—guarding the trade of your data.

Many features to turn off the receiving of data from 3rd party entities is embedded deep within the UI. With the idea of infrastructural inversion, we brought this information to the forefront, giving back agency to the user. I created the experience maps and low-fidelity mockups.


Week 10 we presented to our class about our prototype and our design choices.

Inf 272 - Ethical Surveillance

Overall Learnings

In this class Inf 272, we had three other assignments that helped me develop as a designer.

1 - Data of an activity

2 - Data of My Day