Good communication is the most important discipline when working at a remote-first company. As we're not all in the same room, we need to constantly be transparent about our progress, plans, and problems (PPP). If not, we'll risk working in isolation and might end up working on the wrong things. This is where standups come in ✨

<aside> 📢 Not all teams have a standup channel — ask your manager if you’re a new joiner and unsure.


What Is A Standup At Pento?

Your standup is a written message you'll post to Slack every day before you start working. The standup has two main purposes:

<aside> 📝 Your standup is a tool to help you plan your day ahead and make sure you stay committed to working on the things that bring momentum.


<aside> 📣 Your standup is a way to communicate your progress, plans, and problems to your team in a simple and easy-to-understand way.


What Does A Good Standup Look Like?

A good standup follows the simple PPP (progress, plans, problems) framework, and is short, measurable, and easy to understand. It's structured to hold yourself accountable to your most important priorities and to give your teammates an easy way to follow your progress.

Example Of A Good Standup:

Example Of A Not-So-Good Standup: