As part of the Democracy in Action course at Olin College, we created an outward facing project that seeks to engage and positively impact people outside our class.

After some research and user interviews, we developed the following goal to guide our project:

Create an interactive game that shows the influence of money on climate change legislation, and promotes political accountability.

Self-Reflection Paper

<aside> 📑 As part of the course, we wrote up a self-reflection on our goals, accomplishments, and what we might do to expand on the project in the future.


Demo Outreach Project Self-Reflection


<aside> 🖌️ We used Figma to layout our storyboard and mock up the visual designs. Take a look at our layout below:



Functional Prototype

<aside> 📲 We took our Figma visuals and made them in Framer. Click the link below to try our app!


Senatr: Tinder for Lobbyists

Project Jamboree

<aside> 👁️ We also made a brief summary poster on Miro to outline the key points of our project. Click below to view the board, and feel free to pan around to see other group's projects!




<aside> 📑 Here's a repository of our findings and work. Feel free to look through the Research and Ideation sections to see our process and how we arrived at a final design.


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