Want to get Flow Club paid for by your company? We’re here to make it easy. We’ve got a few different methods for you to use depending on your company structure and what you think your employer will respond best to.

Method #1: Research your company’s expense policy and see if Flow Club fits into it

Some organizations offer a coworking or wellness stipend for their employees that Flow Club could fall under. Read through your benefits package to see if this applies to you.

Method #2: Email your manager or HR admin to get Flow Club expensed

We’ve got a customizable template you can use to make your case to your company. Just copy/paste and add in the relevant details to make it your own!

Method #3: Have us email your manager or HR admin to get Flow Club expensed

We’ll email your manager or HR admin to help them understand what Flow Club is all about and why it’s a worthy investment for their employees.

How it Works:

Enter your manager or HR admin’s name below. We’ll send them a tasteful email on your behalf — and BCC you — on why they should subsidize Flow Club.

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