Golden's AI-assisted editing helps users contribute to topics quicker and easier.

AI-assisted editing is a three step process:

  1. Paste URLs to extract information from webpages
  2. Choose relevant content to include
  3. Add content to your draft

Note: The AI-assisted editor adds content to your draft, but it doesn't publish the draft it to the Golden public. This means you still have a chance to make changes/improvements before publishing.

1. Paste URLs

Access the AI-assisted editor using the button in the top right corner while in edit mode.

Or input URLs directly into empty topic pages:

This will open the AI-assisted edit mode sidebar, where you can input URLs from good sources:

2. Choose content

AI-assisted edit mode will attempt to extract a thumbnail, description, article paragraphs, social media URLs, and related topics. The AI is not perfect though so it needs your help.

Choose the best thumbnails, social media accounts, and related topics when suggested. If none of the suggestions fit then select the "Do not import".

Adding thumbnails, related topics, social media accounts