Decentralization cannot be achieved by the use of technology alone.

dLeaders, formerly known as dMarketing.

The crypto space has evolved the concept of decentralization from a financial/technological solution into an almost-ideological movement that extends into almost every aspect of the tech space as we know it.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen crypto disruption in Finance, Entertainment, Governance, and even Incorporation. Ironically enough, marketing hasn’t caught up.

We want to make marketing ownership decentralized

<aside> 💡 The fundamental idea is straightforward — why would a single (centralized) team be in charge of the visual representations, tone of voice, or even swag selection for an entire network composed of users with different backgrounds and needs?


The dLeaders Team

The team is made of both [The Ambassadors]( that have been working with the project since genesis and are considered the top tier Ambassadors, usually leading Working Groups.

Working Groups


D-Marketing First Budget Proposal:

Network Growth Grants


First DAO Hired Proposal (D-Marketing Lead):

HIRING Proposal: Ecosystem & DAO Contributor


D-Marketing Blog Posts:

'Decentralized Marketing Ownership' Phase I

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Community Call #4 - Decentralized Marketing: