Hi Patric here.

If you are reading this, I know you are not a bot.

So I would like to invite you to invest $100 on patricchan Coin and I’m quite confident it’ll be a good investment for you. I know, many folks like to say, “Buy my coin because bla, bla, bla…” and more hypes.

The fact is…

I’ve never asked anyone to invest – UNTIL NOW.

Because now is the RIGHT TIME as I'm moving into PHASE 2.

In Phase 1, I build real followers.


Phase I is all about building engagements and followers. Some facts towards my Bitclout’s growth so far…

  1. I build my followers from 0 to 1,000 (and counting) from scratch and WITHOUT any incentivized promo. Meaning, I don’t use, “reclout this and I invest in you” or “follow me to get a Diamond” and so on to ensure 100% real followers (they get nothing for following except content). It’s purely built organically by using my marketing strategies.

  2. I do not know anyone in Bitclout before this, I’m not from crypto or startup world. But my content have been, Loved, Diamonded and reclouted by whales like @Marionawfal, @jakeudell, @Krassenstein, @RajLahoti, @HighKey etc.

  3. There are also whales who have bought patricchan Coin in their investment portfolios

Until now, I’ve only sold 2 Coins NOT because I need the money, it’s a strategic move to remain the price low for the 1,000 true fans. I’ve been purposely keeping the price low for Phase 2…



Phase 2 is about growing the Coin Value.

In Phase 2, I’ll be marketing for Investors (within several mini phases), no longer rallying for Followers.

If I can get Followers, I humbly think I won’t have any problem to get Investors with my strategies and brand.