These guidelines are here to ensure that everybody feels safe, welcome, heard and seen in the community. As well as comfortable, confident and encouraged to be active and participate in and with others in the community.

Please adhere to these guidelines for your whole presence within the community - both in how you observe and interact.

Any violation of these guidelines will result in a warning.

β†’ Have fun πŸ₯³

β†’ Be open, welcoming and encouraging to everybody’s identities 🌈

β†’ Stop, breathe and listen before reacting πŸ’›

β†’ Keep an open heart and mind to all discussions ❀️

β†’ Be mindful of inevitably present interpersonal power dynamics ⚑️

β†’ Racism, sexism, ableism, or any abusive language towards anybody will not be tolerated ‼️

β†’ Please report any discriminatory posts or remarks to the team/Kes in the Discord.

β†’ Be mindful that people in the community are from all over the world and may not have the same cultural reference points, slang, or idioms as you do 🍎

β†’ Listen and be respectful at all timesπŸ‘‚

β†’ Be mindful of sharing the conversation and collaboration space πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

β†’ STOP and WAIT: ask yourself, β€œWhy am I talking?” ❓

β†’ Prefer to use "I" statements and speak from personal experience when you genuinely can, otherwise be sure to listen to the experiences of others 🌼

β†’ Own the impact of your mistakes πŸ’Ž

β†’ Respect other peoples’ choice in governance πŸ’–

β†’ If you feel the need to object, disagree or raise an alternative view, do so in a gentle and respectful way πŸ’˜

β†’ Encourage conversation with / of others to share their ideas and explore into them further πŸ’Œ