A Letter From our CEO

A note to all of our supporters - the end of a chapter at Ample Labs

Our Time at Team Ample

Ample has been a great experience for me. From the moment I told my story, I knew that my life would change for the better. It gave me a better sense that this issue was a growing pain for many and that solution they introduced would change the lives of those experiencing hidden homelessness. CG allowed me to stay strong and confident, gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in many ways. Their leadership and talented team greatly influence my career and made me shift into marketing which today has been the best decision I've made for the longest time. Ample Labs is will always stay true to my heart. To the volunteers, friends, families that took part in the company, you are all AWESOME and will always be a strong part of the team. This isn't a farewell but I wish the team the best on their next venture. Till we meet again. - Simon Bunyi, Community Lead

Ample opportunities, ample growth. Literally envisioned a team culture that connects to the community and carry out the mission of helping people as much as we can, wherever we can when I first started, and it had become a reality! - Jenny Le, HR & Operations Specialist

I feel so lucky to have met and worked with such a talented and amazing group of humans and to have contributed (even the smallest bit!) to building something meaningful for those in our community. It's been a wonderful journey Team Ample!! - Bonnie Tang, Volunteer

Team Ample really opened my eyes to how I can have a social impact through tech. The positive vibes on the team & the love for the mission we were chasing was refreshing & energizing! - Manu Agnihotri, Growth Coordinator

I worked on the project from the initial prototype to the first release of Chalmers bot. It wasn't an easy journey, but I met so many great people and worked with them to get through the difficulties. I had a lot of fun working for the project, and I really hope that Ample Labs' vision of fighting homelessness with technologies to carry over to other projects. - Daniel Cho, Chatbot Developer

My time with Ample was filled with warmth. It's not easy to stay dedicated to such a complex issue, yet everyone on the team stayed committed and enthusiastic week by week until the end. I was so impressed with the level of mentorship from CG and Geordie throughout and I'll be taking all of these lessons with me into the next chapter! - Mardi Daley, Research Volunteer

An amazing mission driven by an even more amazing team. Each person here was so wonderful, supportive of each other, and I was able to learn so much. Ample was truly a gem! - Kelly Nguyen, Volunteer UI/UX Designer

My time with Ample has been great. It was amazing to see Ample start from a small crew of volunteers and grow into a larger, diverse organization with many roles to fill. Last year especially, I'm glad I got to take part in Food Fund TO, the Covid Bot, and most importantly, launching Chalmers to cities in Ontario in a year where help was really needed. Thank you CG and thank you to the Ample Team for an outstanding journey! - Gene Duterte, Graphic Designer / Marketing

My time at Ample was so wonderful. It was the first time i really got to challenge myself to truly climb out of my shell and share ideas. The team was always so open and receptive. Because of Ample, I got to step outside my comfort zone more than i was used to, and grow. A special shoutout goes to CG who was always so empowering yet so mindful at the same time - the perfect balance for somebody in a leadership role. I will always be grateful for my time at Ample. - Tamara Sherwood, Volunteer Social Media Coordinator

I started with Ample through an industry course project and was drawn by CG's dedication to social impact in the community. Through this experience and my subsequent time volunteering as a designer for new chatbot skills, I learned how to empathize with vulnerable populations through direct research with teens experiencing homelessness and front-line workers, and knew that the work the team was doing would help so many people who experience inaccessibility of social service resources across Ontario. I am proud of the work that the team has done over the years and the community that Ample has fostered. Thanks for all the hard work and can't wait to see what CG and the team work on next! All the best! - Samra Ebadi, Designer/Researcher