How to use Body Tracking universal app parameters

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⚠️  Important: Start parameters list with ? sign. Separate parameters with & sign.


  1. Render types

    1. outfit - Body Tracking “avatar/outfit” style. (works by default, no parameter needed )
    2. twin - Body Tracking “Twin” style experience.
    3. face - Face Tracking experience type including Face Mesh.
    4. head - Head Tracking.
  2. Load GLB file from remote file hosting:

    1. model= - set url to your model .glb asset file. (example: model=[<>](<>)).
    2. Tip: if you use Dropbox, make sure you changed “www” to “dl” to get access to the file directly
    3. If you have few models - separate links by ,
  3. Twin Experience type settings:

    1. scale= - scale of twin avatar (example: scale=2.5,2.5,2.5 - 2.5x Scale of the original 3D model)
    2. translation= - move 3D twin model in any direction from original body tracking by X,Y,Z (example: translation=1,0,0 - moves twin 3D model to the left along X axes)
    3. rotation= - rotate the model along X,Y,Z axes in deg (example: rotation=0,30,0 - 30" deg rotate along Y axes)
  4. Occluders Settings:

    1. occluders= - list on Mesh names which should act as occluder (make everything invisible behind it, useful for Outfit experience type, when you need to hide everything befind Head and Body)
    2. Separate different mesh by , for one 3D model (example: occluders=Head_1,Body_1)
    3. If you have few 3D model in the scene separate occluder names by ; (example: occluders=Head_1,Body_1;Head_2,Body_2)
  5. Hidden elements:

    1. hiddens= - hide any mesh you need from the scene (example: hiddens=Mesh_01,MyMesh_02)
    2. Separate Mesh names by ; for multiple objects (example: occluders=HideMesh_1,SomeMesh_1;HideMesh_2)
  6. Carousel thumbnails images:

    1. previews= - use this parameter to setup preview images for switcher carousel if you have multiple 3D models in your experience. (example: previews=test01.png,[<,>](<,>))
  7. Video video - use this parameter to use default video instead of the camera or video= to use custom video instead of the default

  8. Audio audio= - use this parameter to set global audio clip (example: audio=[<>](<>) )

  1. Animations animations - use this parameter to run all included animations at the same time or animations= - to run only specific animations

  2. PoseTuneParams All PoseTuneParams from our API are available, more at API doc:

  3. Upcoming features**:**

    1. debug
    2. Visual link builder