1. Gather concrete evidence of the player breaking Rust ToS and or Server Rules.
  2. After capturing evidence head to the 3 Rustketeers discord make your way to SUPPORT and create a ticket in # support-ticket. (Please refer to the pictures below if you need assistance with this part)
  3. Once you've created the ticket make sure you place ALL evidence of the player(s) that were breaking the rules in the ticket chat.
  4. Next await for feedback to be posted in your ticket feedback can take anywhere from 1 minute → 5 hours +, so please be patient.
  5. Answer any questions asked by any staff to the best of your ability to make the process a lot smoother, post any additional evidence you or your teammates have gathered.




How to F7 report a player

If you think if said player is cheating, you can also F7 report them which sends a direct report to Facepunch and the player will be scan for cheats (It can take some time)!

  1. Click F7 on your keyboard
  2. Click on Report A Player on your top right