<aside> 💡 Since Channel.io acts as the representative for your brand on your website, shouldn’t it also look like your online representative? On this page you will learn how to customize your Channel.io representative icon.



3 essential settings

What is the Channel lounge?

The 3 Essential settings

As soon as you set up your channel.io, you cannot forget to set up these three important settings: Channel profile, Bot profile, and theme settings. This bot will be the first point of contact to your brand before any manager or operator.


Write your brand name and short bio to let your customers know who you are!

Your bot will send automatic messages such as greetings and important contact information settings to your customers. Setting up your bot will take place of the operator as the first point of contact for your customers

Set your theme to match with your brand’s own colors. You can not just set your theme colors in just the channel.io button, but also the lounge and chatting window.