A match-making service for shared life hardships

Matching those who've gained wisdom from overcoming hardship, with those who're currently navigating the same one.


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The meaning behind Wabi-Sabi Cafe

Wabi is an acceptance of reality and the insight and hidden beauty that comes with that.

Sabi is a deep and tranquil beauty that emerges with the passage of time.

Cafe's are community living rooms where stories and wisdom are exchanged.

Wabi-Sabi Cafe is where souls meet to exchange wisdom, understanding, and solace.

When we're going through adversity, wisdom from someone who has overcame a similar hardship can give us solace & courage to see the light.

Matching Criteria

Today we're currently matching people who have overcome or are currently navigating the following life hardships:

We'll be adding more over time, if you have a request for one please reach out to hello@wabisabi.cafe


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How does it work



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