Picksell Pay is a PSD2-compliant payment method, which enables business to accept online instant payments meeting high data security requirements. Picksell Pay lets your customers choose what data they share, they are fully in control of their personal information and protected from any data misuse.

Picksell Pay key features

Picksell Pay stands for good terms:

✔️ €0 monthly cost

✔️ Transaction fees less than 1%

✔️ No hidden fees, you pay only when you make a sale

✔️ No chargebacks, no deposits, no acquiring, no intermediaries

✔️ High level of data security of your clients in accordance with GDPR and SCA

✔️ Everyday instant payments directly into your bank account

✔️ No bank cards, no cash


No hidden fees, you pay only when you make a sale. Same fixed fee for all-sized businesses.

€0 monthly + (0.9% + €0.25 per payment)

Registration and verification

To connect Picksell Pay you need to go through several steps:

When all the steps are finished successfully your Picksell Pay account got Live status, that means you are able to integrate Picksell Pay into your website or app.

After a sum of your transactions will overdraw 10000 EUR you will have to pass through extra couple steps required to complete full verification.

Learn about getting a Live status in details: