This extended license grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the icons. To give you a brief idea, you can use your purchased icons in the following ways:

Can I use the icons for commercial use?

Sure thing. That‘s why you probably purchased them, right?

Can I remix, transform or modify the icon?

Yes. Feel free to take the icons as a basis and modify them to your own needs.

Can I resell the icons as part of a product?

Yes. You are allowed to integrate the icons into a template or any digital or physical good that is distributed at scale. However, selling the icons individually or as icon packs is not allowed. The icons must be sold as part of your product, but cannot be the product itself.

Do I have to credit the designer?

No. This license avails you from crediting the author. However, if you want to write me a testimonial, I can give you a generous discount voucher for your next purchase at my shop. [Write to me]( if you are cool with that.

Can I use an icon as part of a logo or other trademark?