Strategy 849/I&E 395/I&E 750/MMS 395

Fall 2022

Instructor: Professor Jamie Jones

Office: Fuqua A213


Lecture: Mondays, 4:15pm-6:30pm

Lecture Location: Fuqua TBD

Slack: (Jamie Jones)

Quick guide to NV Development

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Working on your venture during the course (action required)

Working on someone else's ventures during the course

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Course Description

Want to gain experience building and testing a business model? Whether you have been working on your own idea or what to join a team and work on someone else's venture, New Ventures Development will have you rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business. New Ventures Development will lead you through the process of understanding whether a business is worth doing. You will learn to assess opportunities, develop and test business models, understand your financials, and build a successful team. If you have an idea that you’ve validated through New Ventures Discovery or through your independent customer discovery process, New Ventures Development can help you move from idea to action.

📈New Ventures Development is the ideal course for anyone who wants to learn how to build and assess new business models.


As an MBA/MPP candidate I was fortunate to work with a pair of classmates with varied experiences from mine - they both skewed deeply technical. The mutual value add was immediate, I had the opportunity to develop our go-to market strategy while learning about the technical requirements of our B2B platform.

If you have any interest in early-stage growth companies, this course is a must take.

-Reece Rios-Starks, MBA/MPP '22