1. Download the Ultrahuman App from the link [here](<https://ultrahuman.app.link/pidDBLh3jeb>)
  2. When you launch the app, you'll be taken through a brief onboarding flow
  3. At the end of the onboarding flow, a subscription page will pop up. You can go ahead and close that by clicking the cross on the top left
  4. For iOS - Go to the 'Metabolism' tab (bottom right) > Settings (top right) > Sign up & Login > Login (using Apple, Gmail or Facebook id)
  5. Note - If logging in through Apple-ID, please select the option "Share my email"
  6. For Android - Click on 'Menu' button (top right) > Settings > Login (using Gmail or Facebook id)
  7. In case of any issues with the access please email — feedback@ultrahuman.com

For iPhone users:

1. iOS Login SS.PNG

2. iOS Login SS.PNG

3. iOS Login SS.PNG

4. iOS Login SS.PNG

5. iOS Login SS.PNG


For Android users:

1. Android Login SS.jpg

2. Android Login SS.jpg

3, Android Login SS.jpg

4. Android Login SS.jpg

5. Android Login SS.jpg