Lumos was started at Stanford early-2020 by Leo Mehr, Alan Flores Lopez and Andrej Safundzic. With recent funding from Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) and lots of traction with customers, we are ready to triple in the next 12 months! 🚀 This page offers a small glimpse into the team behind Lumos. 😊

We play over 8 instruments and are music composers!

We deeply value music and consider it an essential part of the team. Since we started, we've collaborated on small songs, playlist and we are currently composing a Christmas song for our December Event — can you add to our ensemble? 🤓

We share our passions!

We are photographers, architects, soccer players, TikTok dancers, DJs, poker players and actors! Every week, we organize TED Talks where we hang out and learn about a unique skill from a team member that expands our knowledge in surprising directions.

We strive solving challenging problems in a simple way with a modern tech stack.