Once scrap reasons have been entered into the system and connected to specific stations, operators can select these reasons when they mark scrap in Shift View. The entered information is gathered in a downloadable Excel custom report called "Scrap reasons".

How to add and manage scrap reasons?

  1. Go to Settings and open "Scrap reasons"


  2. Select the group you want to add a new scrap reason to. Or create a new group (click on "+Add new group") and define:

    Note: These groups are just for managing the reasons in Settings. In Shift View, the groups are not visible and all scrap reasons are listed as a single list.

  3. Add scrap reasons by clicking on "+Scrap reason" button and filling the short form:

    Name: Enter a name for the scrap reason. Group: Select the group where this scrap reason belongs to. Select stations (optional): Select the stations this scrap reason can be used on.

    Require extra note from operators: Enable this in case you need the operators to add extra information when using this specific reason. Translations: Add translations if necessary.


  4. Click "Save".