💡 About Shara

Are you more comfortable in a Nairobi market or Lagos bus stop than a big corporate office? Do you want to work with switched-on product, engineering, and finance teams in building tools for the millions and millions of underserved global SMEs? Are you a no-drama, get s*** done, roll-up your sleeves, customer-driven person who knows how to go out and build without a ton of handholding? We’d like to talk to you about joining us at Shara.

We’re looking for team members who:

🔆 What's the Opportunity?

The largest source of consumer credit in emerging markets is SMEs financing their clients. No credit cards or (functioning) credit bureaus means there’s little source of consumer credit beyond SMEs. And, SMEs don’t know who to trust outside of close friends and family. This is a trillion dollar economy running on "hey, mind if I pay you at the end of the month?"

We’re looking for team members to join us in rebuilding the basic assumptions of how credit bureaus, community, and financial access can work in emerging markets.

We’ve started in Kenya and Nigeria with the goal of taking our model of community-driven finance across emerging markets.

Market visit, Kenya

Market visit, Kenya

✨ What's Shara


Shara is a social trust network with embedded financial tools to allow +67m SMEs to offer credit to their most trusted clients (think Affirm or Klarna), and expand their circle of trust to new clients (think LinkedIn). For consumers, it means you can access vital finance at your bestie’s shop, and travel with your reputation to new shops. For SMEs, it means you can offer better terms to your top clients.

Shara’s team includes Grant Brooke, co-founder of Twiga Foods; Lanre Oyedotun, co-founder of Delivery Science; and a team of experienced Micro-Finance, FinTech, and payments professionals.

🔥 Culture & Values