Our Values

The success of our company is fully determined by the quality of our team. We must excel in both attracting and growing our people. A key part of this is to have a culture where we all thrive. A culture that will help us grow as individuals, as a team, and as a company. A culture that differentiates Alva from other companies. We want to have a diverse team but with a few core values where we converge. We need a common ground to know how to work together and how to treat each other. So here it goes, the guide to Alva’s values.

“High performance with a big heart”

What we want is for everyone who works at Alva today, in +10 years’ time, to think about Alva as one of the most exciting, challenging, and formative experiences in our careers. Where we worked on solving big hairy problems, with extraordinary people, learned so much, and had a blast doing so.

We want to build a culture where everyone feels safe sharing opinions, ideas, feedback, and even criticism, where diversity of thought, ideas, background, and skills is celebrated. A culture where high performance and impact are a shared guiding principle. We believe that in order to do great work, you need to feel safe and trust that your colleagues will treat you and your ideas with respect no matter what. We should have really high standards and high expectations for the work that we all do. But we should have fun doing it. We should have a lot of fun.

Our values

Our values are meant to guide our daily behaviors. They should be visible in how we work and how we interact.

Values What it’s about
Be worthy of trust • Candidates
• Customers
• Colleagues
Raising the bar • Continuous improvement
• Seeking feedback
• Candid
Embrace the journey • Without prestige
• Flexibility – welcome change
• Okay to make mistakes
Be supportive • Respectful
• Giving feedback with good intent
• Helpful

🗝 Be worthy of trust 🗝

Our candidates know and trust that we evaluate them correctly, our customers keep coming back for advice, and as colleagues, we know that we can rely on each other.

Why is this important to us?

What does this mean at work?