Introduction Nigeria, being one of the most developed African countries, is also one of the most religious nations in the world with The Redeemed Christian Church of God being one of the largest church.

The Redeemed App aims to bridge the gap between members of the church (pastors, members alike) by providing resources through a smartphone application.

The Challenge: Research into the problem space

  1. Information Dissemination: As of the time of this project, certain issues were peculiar with the church's process. Being one of the biggest church, they had different networks in passing information and more than half of the time, it gets watered down.
  2. Financial Risk and Transparency: Managing giving from members within the church has always been a daunting task. Using a typical Sunday service as an example. Members pay in cash in different envelopes, ushers counts and send to church admin, church admins confirms and arranges for depositing in bank.
  3. Locating Church: New members often find it difficult to find a desirable church when they move to a new place. It takes weeks or even months to find the "right" church.
  4. Spiritual Growth: This is the most important for the church. The need for members to always have resources available at their finger tips to help them live life was paramount.

Opportunity The advent of the internet has improved access to information and empowered organizations to go for transparent measures that are less time-wasting. With the increase in internet-enabled devices and tech savviness, it is expected that the church will be enabled to propagate the gospel faster than ever.

Design Approach

Defining the Problem

<aside> 💡 How can we make giving in the church less daunting and more transparent?


<aside> 💡 What needs to be done to make sure that information meant for members, passed from the top (possibly the general overseer) gets to the members undiluted.


<aside> 💡 How can we make it easy for people to find churches, events (programs) in new locations?


<aside> 💡 How can we ensure that members have access to resources for spiritual growth?