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About Us

Taekus is building the traveler’s dream credit card.

It all began when two avid travelers stumbled upon the strange world of credit cards and airline miles, learning how to book $24,000 first-class airline tickets for $1400 worth of points. We realized we could integrate our knowledge into a credit card with smart points that did the work for you — so anyone can travel more without needing to become a points-obsessed enthusiast.

Here we are now — tackling a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity to push the first real innovation in the true super-premium market since the inception of rewards credit cards.

Really, we’re just a couple of resourceful travel fanatics building our own travel rewards credit card, doing what the big banks can’t and won’t do - optimize that rewards experience for us.

We're always looking for talented people who are interested in pioneering this new era of credit card rewards.

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Working at Taekus

We're a small, fiercely resourceful team that's getting ready for the start-up rocket to blast off. We also love small critters.

Some of our team's pets:

Tiberius Mance

Truffle Lin

Mylo and Bella Woldenberg