— Written by axiliquint This article was last updated on 5/5/2021 (MM/DD/YY)

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Protecting user data is our biggest importance at Koal. Privacy is a fundamental human right. We work relentlessly to ensure that we keep all the data we keep on you minimal, and secure.

We wrote this article in order to provide some insight and transparency into what data we store, how we store it, where, and how to download/delete it.

What data does Koal store?

We aim store the absolute minimal data on you when you visit our site. Therefore, you can feel safe and secure when you use our services.

We use a safe & secure analytics service in order to collect information regarding how you use our site. You can learn more about how we use said service in our Privacy Policy.

We, obviously, store most data that you supply us with. Such as Webhook URLs for MyFollowers, Bot Tokens for our Custom Discord Bots, or Server Configurations.

We don't associate any data to your Discord Account unless it is absolutely required. This is mostly for authentication purposes to ensure that you, and only you, can modify products on our Website.

We use Stripe as our secure payment provider to process payments on our platforms. Any data entered into Stripe is stored on their databases, and we only store basic (non PII) customer data in order for our services to work. Koal Staff cannot access CC information, address, or email addresses.

We lastly also use Statcord for our public bot to collect data on how it is used. You can also learn more about Statcord in our Privacy Policy.

How and where does Koal store my data?

Keeping your data physically and digitally secure is incredibly important to us. Therefore, we store all data off of our main and integral servers.

To be specific, we host your data on Google Firebase Cloud Firestore. All of our databases are physically located in Google's us-east-4 services, physically located in Ashburn, Virginia.

The only people who have access to your data is our Staff Team, and we ensure that all data that our Team receives access to is on a need-to-know basis only.

How do I download/delete my data?

We are more than happy to offer the options to both download and delete your data permanently from our systems.

You can visit the Account Page on our website in order to download your data, and permanently delete any data we store.

We are unable to provide any past Support Tickets for download. Please contact Discord if you would like to download a copy of your tickets.