We are on a mission to build the best engineering culture. So how do we do that?

❤️ We start with our values

In fact, all of us have values, the things that we believe are important in the way we live and work. We took time to sit down together and talk about them during our company trip to Barcelona, back in May 2019. That is how our Engineering Manifesto was born.

We are eager to share the key values - so, here they go:


We take pride and ownership of our work. When we work on a specific task or project in the system we are responsible for having all the required information to start the work (if not, we let it be known) and have a clear idea of the success criteria. We care that our technical solution is up to the standard with the rest of the codebase and follows the accepted best practices of the team. We care about the product impact we make and always make sure that our solution is aligned with the expectations of the stakeholders.


At all times, we are as a team willing to learn how to improve the status quo of our teamwork and output. As individuals we are passionate about software and are open to new ideas, concepts and technologies - however, we are aware that all decisions of change has to be underpinned by pragmatism. A pragmatic approach to problem solving also ensures that we spend the appropriate resources on a given task or project; effort is expected to be proportional to impact.


We strive to be the best team - we believe this to be achieved by clear and polite communication both before, during and after working on a specific task or project. We depend on each other to reach our goals - we take ownership for our own projects, but we are ready to assist our colleagues with the same energy that we put in our own work. We continuously reach out proactively to get a feel for whether our help is needed - it should always be OK to ask questions. We are aware that everyone in the team is feeling good and is motivated; it must feel right working together.

We believe that living up to the values we have formulated for ourselves is the key to the success of our team.

🛠️ ❤️ How we perceive Engineering as individuals

We take engineering seriously - building software in Lenus is a process held by a few key principles, that we are actively practicing in the team.

Great emphasis is attributed to understanding the business domain. For us, this is absolutely necessary in order to make well-grounded technical decisions for the product. The product is understood not solely from a technical perspective, but through a substantial understanding of many aspects of the business (including your colleague’s work).