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How The Sausage Gets Made

Image courtesy of Worth Dayley

Image courtesy of Worth Dayley

Making video games is a very complex production at the highest levels. AAA quality video games have many factors that go into them, ranging from pre-production, to milestones, stakeholder feedback, certifications, launch and post-launch support. Don't believe me? Just look at the info graphic above to see. This document will focus solely on the 3D related aspects to video games in the AAA space. This wiki is supplementary to knowledge you will find elsewhere. It is not intended to be comprehensive. If you have software specific or technique specific questions, first search that software/technique on official forums and/or google.

If you would like to view an image in higher resolution, simply double click on it or download it to your personal device. Videos are typically embedded in this document and can either be viewed directly or by opening their native web page. This document also contains gifs for reference.

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