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Virginia Vidaura, Corps trainer, hands in the pockets of her coveralls, looking us over with calm speculation. Day one induction."Since it is logistically impossible to expect everything, she told us evenly, we will teach you not to expect anything. That way, you will be ready for it. " (Broken angels – Richard Morgan)

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What’s on my mind

Something different


Harvesting the grain

Storing the grain

Clean the grain

Packaging the grain

On the line

What is researchable?

Organization for searching

What meta data should be written in a note?

What about the file?

Me and I

Method and style

Goals and needs for note taking

What about Availability?

Freedom is useless without rules

What about Space and time for the single user?

Pros and cons

The complexity problem





Appendix A - About the information theory

The written story

The concept map

The Mind map