What is our goal at STEM Sells?

At Stem Sells, we strive to make the gems of science, medicine, entrepreneurship, and education more accessible to the general public. We hope to do so by inviting some of the most renowned professionals from the most dynamic fields to speak about their distinct experiences. We also wish to use our platform to bring attention to social inequities in education and healthcare to start working toward social equality. Tune into STEM Sells to learn about years of valuable experiences in minutes of listening.

Why STEM Sells?

We’re not bad spellers, we promise. As you may have guessed, our name is a spin-off of the scientific concept of stem cells. We decided to call our podcast $TEM Sells to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine), Business, Entrepreneurship, and Education, some of the fastest growing fields today. In addition to these fields growing individually, their intersection continues to become more and more notable. We aim to shine a light on that flourishing intersection and educate ourselves and our audience as to how these fields work together.