Ok so the full version wasn't allowed, so I took the best bits and put them into a playlist it's not all the content so this should be ok!

u/hololive (official Hololive staff):

So after discussing this with management as well as YouTube, we have determined that your playlist is not being used in good faith. Why do we think this? Because while each video alone consists of no more than 15-25% of the video (a basic guideline that I asked you to follow), collectively, the playlist uses 57 minutes 27 seconds. The actual stream is 1 hour 6 minutes 12 seconds.

Saying you "took the best bits" should mean more than "I just cut out 10 minutes of the intro and outro and some minor down time."

As such, we are requesting you remove the playlist and its videos. This, indeed, still infringes on our copyright. It may not be the best solution, but it's the only solution in order to protect our copyright. I know you are a Kanatan fan (that's why you have her as a flair), so I am asking you to please respect her content.

You may also be wondering why the number is so small (15-25%). In general, clips are heavily transformed from the original. It's not necessarily one 5-minute sequence from a stream, but rather one 5-minute clip where all the parts of the video can be seen scattered throughout the stream. This falls under Fair Use. We are seeing more videos that just take a single moment (or an entire stream, in your case) which technically does not fall under Fair Use, even if translated.

Additionally, because of YouTube's Content ID system, there is a good chance that your non-Fair Use videos will impact Kanata. That is, YouTube will see your video as the original and Copyright Strike and/or ban Kanata's stream/channel. Indeed, this has happened before in the Virtual Youtuber industry.

Please understand that we are simply trying to protect our talents and as a fan, you should too.