Help us on our mission to deliver monetization and a career path to any creator or any individual who wants to become a creator.

In doing so, we’re building the world’s largest image & video studio, without having a physical studio.

Why we started Trend

New team photo in the works since the team has expanded to 12 people!

Founded in 2019, Trend is on a mission to disrupt the way businesses contract work and scale their marketing. We aim to open the path for businesses to have the capability, network, and technology to work with and scale hundreds of creators at a time in order to unlock their marketing potential.

Through fulfilling this vision for brands we will also aim to open the path for those who are currently creators and those who want to become creators to get paid and create their own career path by continuing to do what they love doing while fulfilling their passions.

Trend has rapidly become a category leader in one of the most sought-after marketing strategies right now, UGC and Influencer Marketing. Trend is a curated marketplace that helps brands source high-quality custom content and targeted exposure with creators.

What we value

Growth Mindset

We’re willing to take on projects and initiatives that may make us feel uncomfortable. We tolerate and encourage inevitable failures that come with trying something new.

Extreme Ownership and Accountability:

We commit to what we say we will do and are thoughtful about our capabilities/bandwidth before we take on a project. We are all responsible for what we decide to do / take on.

Transparency and Candor:

We speak up when we believe things could be done in a better way and/or when we see room for improving. This leads to direct feedback for the good (positive or negative).

Care about the WHY:

We learn everything we know from our customers and have an obsessive attention to not what they say but what they do and why they do things the way they do. Learning through observation is big at Trend.