Fall 2021 Recruitment

→ Applications are due 9/17/2021 (11:59PM)

→ Online Info Session 8/31 (4:00 → 5:30PM)

Open Positions & Info Session

About Us

IDOT is dedicated to providing accessible design education to high school students.

IDOT is a nonprofit organization started by a team of UC Berkeley students to give high school students a way to learn, explore, and experience design. Learn more about us through these links →

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IDOT defines design as creating solutions to human problems. Our community is composed of student-led high school chapters that learn design through four pillars: Curriculum, Industry Exposure, Project Mentorship, and Competition.


Industry Exposure

Project Mentorship


For Students

Are you a member of IDOT — or hoping to start your own chapter? Here are some resources to help you learn about and get started with us!

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