RFC: Monetization Strategy

I published the RFC which received many insightful comments from our community. We are iterating on different pricing models. I’m validating feasabilty and structure with counsel. The two lead contenders are:

  1. Subscription
  2. Management fee

I’m aiming to have a model ready to install by next week. We will likely evolve whichever model we implement. But either model is a good starting point.

Diversifying SPV admin providers

I am in productive conversations with two more SPV admins. Both are competitive on admin fees which will lead to lower expense ratios for future deals. I want us to have at least 3 admin partners with feature parity for our core deal workflows. We are tracking to achieve this in the next 30 days. Launching and closing deals on with each new admin will be major milestones. Achieving these milestones will prove our platform independence


Week of Live Deals Published Live Deals Published to Date Deals closed Deals Cancelled
8/28/22 0 10 0 0
8/21/22 1 10 1 0
8/14/22 3 9 0 2
8/7/22 0 6 1 4
7/31/22 4 6 0 0
7/24/22 0 2 0 0

Membership (email list subscribers)

Our member count has stabilized. I removed the new subscribers and unsubscribed columns. Getting accurate data from our current email system is proving increasingly cumbersome. I’ll look into migrating to a new provider and creating an automated dashboard for our Open Startup hub