Engineers want to see inspiring and informative content. By providing this to the engineering community, you will build up trust, and become a valuable source of information that compounds over time.

As a company, you need to make sure your content is trustworthy, authentic, and contains valuable information for the engineering community. As a marketer, you have multiple options to create informative content.

These guidelines are written based on our experience and knowledge of what works for the engineering community. By keeping high standards for everyone who publishes on Wevolver we make sure that we keep inspiring engineers and delighting them with impactful knowledge. This will create long-term value for you as a publisher.

Guidelines on Text

  1. No advertising. Yes, you can totally write for marketing purposes and you can name and describe companies and products. But engineers are allergic to plain advertisements that don't bring any valuable knowledge.
  2. Don't add unobjective superlatives as 'the best,' 'leading' (for example: don’t say " leading company X developing the best product in the field").
  3. Don't use Wevolver for PR announcements, press releases, or company news.

<aside> 💡 We've created a more detailed page that will help you understand better what engineers love to read about, and how you can create content that will deeply resonate with them here.


Guidelines on Visuals


  1. Avoid using banner images with text or logos.

  2. Ensure you have the rights to use the images or use right-free images.

  3. Ensure your images have a high enough resolution (in the body text images will be up

    to 788px wide)


  1. Photos are generally preferred over illustrations for banner images.

  2. If you must use stock images in any of your visuals, then be sophisticated and creative

    in your choice. Find relatively authentic images and avoid standard stock images that make your content come across as cookie-cutter low-quality content.