Your brand colors are used consistently throughout Brandsynth to generate differing variations of both your brand's print and digital assets. Your brand may have 1-6 solid and/or gradient colors. Try to think of the colors that may look good behind, or alongside your logo and selected imagery.


Brandsynth offers a range of color palette samples for you to choose from. The sample sets currently offered include Popular, Gradient, Bold and Subtle styles.

Our sample sets include colors that work well together. Simply select a palette that you like to apply it to your brand. You will be able to change your brand's color palette after you've completed your brand set-up.

If you haven't yet determined your brand's colors, It is recommended that you try a few different color palettes to see how they synergize with your other brand elements.

If you're unable to find a sample color set within Brandsynth that works your brand, coolors is a great tool for creating and exploring thousands of different color palettes. If you want to use an outsourced color palette, simply follow the Advanced instructions.

Advanced (define your own color palette)

Selection Methods:

Extracting colors from an image

The 'Extract From Image' tool allows you to generate a color palette containing the 6 most prominent colors found within an uploaded image. This image may either be your existing logo or a piece of imagery that represents the mood of your brand. Brandsynth allows the upload of any PNG, SVG or JPG image file. Once you've uploaded an image, the extracted color palette will appear below each color selection box. Simply select any of the 6 extracted colors below a specific color selection box to apply that color.

Use of general palette

Clicking on any color box will prompt the selection view of the general palette. This palette consists of 25 assorted, hand picked colors for you to choose from. If you're unsure of any specific colors that you want to use within your brand, this may be a good starting point. If you've extracted colors from an image, the extracted color palette will also appear here.

Use of color picker

Brandsynth's color picker allows you to select and adjust color values. You're able to play around with the controls, add a Hex color code and adjust the RGB values. When you're happy with a color, make sure you 'Accept' the selection. 'Cancel' will discard all changes to a selected color.

Using a Hex color code

A Hex color code is a hexadecimal method of representing a color in a RGB format. It does this by combining three values, the amounts of red, green and blue within a particular shade of color. If you have the Hex code for a color that you wish to use, simply copy that code into the text box underneath any color.

If you want to create a gradient color between two Hex color codes, select 'Gradient', then apply the Hex code's to both text boxes underneath, respectively.

Background colors

Whilst uploading your logo(s), you'll be asked to select which color(s) look good as a background for said logo. This is done to ensure that the branded designs that Brandsynth produces are only shown if a brand color, and one of your logos are complementary.