<aside> ☝🏼 While you read this article, please keep in mind that only people who are marked as responsible can manage actions within an improvement.


Add new action

Adding or editing actions is done from the modal that combines Analysis, Actions and Solutions (different tabs).

  1. In the improvement view with no previous actions you can add actions from button "Add action" or load action templates from button "Load template".


  1. If you want to add actions to an existing improvement or save actions as a template, go the improvement view and click the actions tab. Setting the deadline and the people responsible is optional.



<aside> 🔢 If you are following a similar process for improvements often, then after creating actions you can save the sequence as a template and us it later.


Edit actions

To edit actions, go to the specific action and click on the edit icon.


See linked files and notes

Files and notes can be linked to actions and you can see them from the link icon.

If there aren't any files or notes linked, the icon is not visible.


Delete actions

To delete actions, click on the delete icon for the specific action.


Mark action as done

  1. Open the detailed view of the improvement