Sendloop's ready-to-use email templates may only be used in its drag-n-create email editor.

<aside> 💡 Downloading the HTML Source Code for Templates Sendloop does not allow direct download of the HTML source code for email templates. If you would like the source code for a template, please contact Sendloop Support. You can then customize the HTML and upload the changed version to your account.


To modify Sendloop's ready-to-use templates:

  1. Click Send Email in the Sendloop Dashboard to bring up the email template selection wizard.

  2. Select the option to Choose a ready-to-use email template.

  3. When you've decided which template you'd like to use, hover over the template so that the Create Email button appears.

    1. Click on the Create Email button to launch the drag-n-create email editor.

    At this point, you are ready to customize the template by: