At Devsnest, peer based learning is at the core of our methodology and this is why most of our processes revolve around it. The aim is that students make groups of 8 to 12 students and conduct their daily activities together so as to keep up the accountability and motivation of the students on a steady level. Moreover, this gives students an experience of working in a team just like they would be expected to when they start their career.

Activities :

There are some activities marked under daily activities which are supposed to be done whenever there is a session. Then there are weekly activities which will happen once a week. Usually the classes will be given 4 days a week on the weekdays.

Daily Activities:

  1. SCRUM : Teammates will gather on a voice call and discuss about:
    1. Updates about what they did yesterday and what they will be doing today
    2. Some time will be allotted for teammates to ask for doubts (if they have any) and to help each other
  2. Take Home Assignments (THAs): After watching the class lecture, these will be given to practice the concepts taught in class. These are supposed to be done that day only. Backlogs have a compounding effect so refrain from getting into this trap!
  3. Doubts Solving Sessions (optional) : If at all you have some doubts in the THAs given to you (which is going to be very common as the level of questions is intentionally kept high) Student Mentors will be taking a session solving the THAs of the last lecture you can attend that to take help.

Weekly Activities:

  1. Mock Interviews : Teammates will be taking interviews with each other. This will help the students prepare in how to express themselves well in an interview environment and would also give insight to the thinking process of an interviewer.
  2. Mentor Session : Connecting with your mentor to seek guidance or help in any way you might need. They will also be able to identify areas where a particular student needs to focus more on.
  3. Assessments : Review for weekly progress would be done here to see if the students are on the correct pace and are putting the needed effort. If there is some persistent lack of effort from the student we would take them out of the team and mark them inactive.

Note- A student would also be marked inactive if they are not available for these mandatory activities.