SnipNotes consists of several modules, which you should familiarize yourself with to take full advantage of the app:

Main App

Open the main app by tapping on the home screen icon. This is the place where you access your notes, organize them and create new ones.

You can use the main app both in portrait and landscape mode. On iPad, you can also use SnipNotes side-by-side with another app in split screen.

Home Screen Widgets

SnipNotes provides several widgets for the home screen, which lets you quickly access notes and create new ones.

You can learn more about the SnipNotes Widgets here:

Share Sheet Integration

The share sheet extension allows you to quickly add content from other apps to SnipNotes. For example, you can save website URLs from Safari, Photos, and addresses from Maps with just a few taps. Tap the share button in any app (rectangle with an arrow to the top) and choose the SnipNotes icon to access the share feature.

There is also a share button inside SnipNotes, which allows you to quickly send notes to other apps.

Menu Bar App (macOS only)

SnipNotes shows a little icon in your menu bar. Click it to reveal the menu bar app, which gives you quick access to your notes and lets you create new ones.

You can also define a keyboard shortcut in settings, which lets you access this window even faster. If you don’t see the menu bar icon, you may have to enable it in settings first.