This doc describes the process of adding automatic syncing. Automatic Syncing allows Koncrete to automatically sync the cluster to a desired deployment configuration after new commits are made to a git repository (git push results in the cluster immediately syncing).

This process is illustrated in the diagram below.

Create an Application with Automatic Sync Selected

First, create an application on the Koncrete dashboard using the ADD APPLICATION button.

Input the application's details, then under Advanced Options change the Sync Policy to Automatic Sync

Click the ADD APPLICATION button to complete the application creation process. This will generate a new application within Koncrete that periodically syncs the target cluster to the deployment configurations specified within the path directory.

Anytime a change is detected in the deployment config directory, it will automatically sync these changes to the target cluster. By default, Koncrete will check the directory for updates every 3 minutes.

Adding Instant Syncing After Commits

Waiting for the periodic checks is not always ideal. Developers often like to see their changes sync immediately after committing code. This is achieved through webhooks which are added through the Add Repository section of Koncrete.

Start by clicking the ADD REPO button from the Koncrete Overview Dashboard.

Follow the steps to connect Koncrete with a Git Provider, then pick the repository corresponding with the application created in the previous step.

Click ADD REPOSITORY to complete the process.

That's it! Test automatic syncing by making an update to the Git Repository. As soon as the change is triggered, Koncrete should pick up the modification and begin to sync the cluster accordingly.