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πŸ‘©πŸ» About Me

<aside> 🦒 Bachelor in biotechnology, I always knew I wanted to work with discovery and technology. Through my degree, I worked on many projects with a lot of different people, but even trying to solve problems in that field (my final thesis was a bit about helping to clean up the environment), I felt I belonged somewhere else: I wanted to solve problems for people by knowing what is their everyday pain-points. When I realized I wanted to do something a bit different with my life, I decided to search for careers in technology that I could pursue, and I found UX design. At first, I thought it was impossible: how could a person who graduated in life science technology work with design? But the more I searched about it, the more I knew that the career was the little thing that I was missing while doing my research at the lab. So here I am now: excited about every step I have been taking on this new path, I keep curious and seek all the knowledge that I can to improve my skills and to keep always growing with every new opportunity I face in my career and life.


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