This is the business area most relevant to the specified action.

Blocked By

You can begin to create dependencies inside your task database by adding 'Blocked By' tasks. This will also allow you to Sort your listed and locate tasks that are getting in the way or holding back progress more easily.


The completed checkbox allows you to mark an action as complete. Beyond the feeling of satisfaction that comes with checking the box, two things will happen:

  1. The action will automatically be removed from the 'Live Actions' view;
  2. Any related progress bars will be updated automatically (e.g. any Projects or Campaigns linked to these actions will be updated).

If you'd like to keep track of your project's progress, we recommend using the completed checkbox as the method of clearing tasks, rather than deleting or moving them to archive.

Related Projects

Every tasks should be assigned to a parent project, where possible.


If your task is performed in a listed webapp tool, you can add a link to the given site to navigate quickly.


This is done on a 5 point scale: