An old friend once said the only way to respond to a question about the city is with the word yes.

“Is it vibrant?” Yes.

“Is it depressing?” Yes.

“Does it smell like armpits & trash?” Yes.

“Does it smell like baked goods & flowers?” Yes.

“Is it the worst city in the world?” Yes.

“Is it the best city in the world?” Yes. And this is a little guide to prove it. It’s written for people who are testing the waters of actually moving here, to the place I call home. But if you’re just visiting for a few days, you might also find some goodies within.

Disclaimer: The guide is very much a “Tyler-vibes” thing, not a complete NYC 101 (which would be impossible). It’s full of stuff that I, personally, like. Maybe you’ll like them too.

🗺 Overall strategy

🎟 How to become a real New Yorker

🏠 Where to stay

🥳 Fun stuff

👨‍💻 Where to work

🛒 Food & Groceries

🚃 Transportation

🚶‍♀️NYC 101 tour

🎩 Random tips