Remember to always be closing — your interview loop is a great opportunity for your candidate to continue to learn more about your startup.

If you have other co-founders or a founding team involved in the hiring loop, we recommend you walk your team through best practices on how to interview (takes approx. 20 minutes). Share these best practices with new hires as you build your team. A little bit of context can go a long way towards making sure your interviewers getting the best signal and your candidates are getting the best experience.

It’s probably worth emphasizing the importance of candidate experience. Delivering a great candidate experience will increase your close rate and preserve your employer brand. A negative one (e.g. showing up late to an interview, or treating your candidate poorly) can hurt your company’s reputation. All it takes is one bad glass door review to cause some serious damage. Every person at the company the candidate interacts with from the first reach out to onsite to hire needs to understand the concept of candidate experience.

Below are the interview best practices that we share with our team internally. These best practices were written by Gem’s very own Head of People, Caroline Stevenson, who spent 6 years at Dropbox building a world-class team before joining Gem to lead Recruiting & HR.

Feel free to copy/paste these into your own doc and share it with your team. If these best practices are more built out than what you need, definitely feel free to pair them down or tweak them to what you need.

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TLDR; best practices for interviewers

Interview prep best practices

Review the candidate’s resume before the interview

Know what areas/questions you’re responsible for

Interviewing best practices

Put the candidate at ease

Introduce yourself and cover the agenda for the interview