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Teia Art and Curation Repository

[WIP] Teia Curatorial Rationale

Teia strives for equity and inclusion in all that it does, including curation of arts events. This set of guiding principles has been created to ensure anyone involved in art curation for Teia continues to uphold the core principles of the Teia community.


Teia has suggested targets for ensuring a wide range of artists are represented.

Best efforts should be made to meet these targets. While taking into account how Intersectional experience creates compounding barriers to access, intersectional artists should be supported, but not used as a means to meet multiple targets as a "Multi-Tokenized Solution". Meaning, an intersectional artist may be selected to meet one of the targets they qualify for, not multiple.

The goal is not to simply meet targets for the sake of meeting them, but to expand the overall diversity representation within Teia curated shows where these minimums are possible.

Artistic styles

Unless a specific style of art has been identified in the curatorial call out, Teia curators should strive to be inclusive of a wide range of art styles, and strive to go beyond their comfort-zones and if necessary, invite expert help or opinion.

If a theme is chosen which may preclude some of the diversity quotas, striving to achieve related quotas is still beneficial.

Choosing Teia curators