Who we are

The What

Shotgun is a worldwide event marketplace that enables live event organizers to create amazing events and distribute tickets to evolving communities of users, in France, Brazil, Spain, USA or Mexico.

We've built an intuitive software to help organizers build and grow their community and make the right decisions all throughout their journey. Shotgun allows them to refocus on what really matters to them: artistic direction and event production.

In a world where going out has become a way of life, the mobile application Shotgun is the go-to destination for young people to discover events, buy and resell tickets.

We're building the platform that connects millions of fans to event producers and artists. Our mission is to make people live amazing experiences in the real world.

<aside> 📲 Shotgun is the platform for people who live outside: we are the marketplace where social lives are organized


What we think Live Events really are 💃🏽

Defining "Events"

What we want to achieve with Shotgun 🎯

Getting event creation out of the Stone Age

The Why

Why Shotgun was born 🐣

Why we are building Shotgun

Who we built Shotgun for: the Experience Generation 👩🏼‍🎤