Using OfferBuddy

OfferBuddy lets you automate offers to (1) likers and (2) bundle creators. Click on "OfferBuddy" in the bottom portion of the ClosetBuddy app.

This will kick off the automated offering process. It will make an offer to the most recent 100 likers and bundle-creators and continuously check between these two types of actions users have taken.

OfferBuddy defaults to a 10% off discount.

Changing the offer discount

If you would like to change the default discount, open up the settings page by following the directions below:

How do I open the "Settings" page?

There will be a section there for you to change the offer discount (between 10% and 50%).

Second and third follow-up offers

ClosetBuddy also allows you to optionally make second and even third follow-up offers. These offers are made 24 hours after the prior offers.

You can enable it by clicking the "Enable" checkbox next to the "Second Discount" and "Third Discount" settings.

Please note: the discounts you enter for the follow-up offers are compounded on the prior discounts. For example, if you offer a 10% first discount and set another 10% off the second discount, it will be 90% * 90% of the original price making it at 19% discount (and not 20%).

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