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Our website is under construction and we thought this page will be useful in the meantime! 😉

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We enable the metaverse where anyone can hop off irl, enter the metaverse.

🎪 In this metaverse, users can engage in social activities to receive economic rewards with their multi-personas.

🪞 Multi-persona may or may not inherit the attributes of the user in real life, such as legal, biological or physical constraints. It refers to a new identity defined by the user's free will.

About Us

OFF is currently building MYTY, which is dedicated to creating an on- and off-chain infrastructure for the avatar-based Web3 Social Metaverse. OFF believes that social interaction in the Web3 will evolve around PFP NFTs, and will continue to expand to form a social metaverse (a decentralized society).

Our Culture

<aside> 💎 To be aligned with our vision to enable the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their imaginations, our entity, OFF, must become a part of the metaverse we wish to create. OFF is the first environment that we are testing our vision.


🔑 Culture Design Principle