Shrine Wars is a large-scale fortress-defense game where 50+ players defend their fortress against an endless horde of monsters for as long as possible. The game features fast-paced combat, massive battles, and strategy.

Humanity has been overpowered - as the last few members of civilization, make a final stand and defend your shrines for as long as possible.

You begin as a human and have one day to gather resources, armor up, and build defenses to prepare for the impending attack. At nightfall, the plague will randomly kill a few humans, who then rise from the dead as monsters to join the war against humanity.

As a human, you only have one life - upon death, you rise as an enemy. The war continues until the final shrine is destroyed or humanity has been eliminated. Your only goal is to defend your shrines for as long as possible, sending as many enemies as you can to the grave before your inevitable death!