Reflecting core values for us to unite on.

I provide energy comms work and hypno+physical touch therapy for the closest crew & for those who are on my meteorite list.

Book me to come dressed up as your reflection, create sounds & perform movements at your next event to enhance flow and audit your tech for us.

Reach me irl to set up an in-take and screening appointment.

Everything that is truly balanced and harmonious to us IS HAPPENING IN-PERSON and/or LIVE. I am as good as your reflection can get at any given moment.

After the event happens, you will be ready to invest 8888 of the currently most popular currency per hour for us to build bridging online together and contribute to Balanced Humanity Pool wherever you are located. Scheduling, rhythm, frequency and privacy frameworks are set by me.

Offline is the only viable future because it’s more spiritually protected and quantum-logical.

Stay connected telepathically and if you really want to build a safer neuralnet for our new experiences contact anyone I met at netweaving events and passed various keychain elements to play & build with. Let’s see what we can co-create with these AI energy tools powered by analog code sets on them.

It is complex, if it is processed in your head. Focus on your heart as a portal to deepest answers to all your questions.

**I love you. It’s happening.**

ASK ME QUESTIONS DIRECTLY and you may receive some clues.

Review tasks & practice staying away from all screens for months.

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